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Myth: Globalisation Will End World Hunger

I have included this exerpt from Anita Roddick's book 'Take it Personally' because the huge gap between the rich and poor will only fuel unrest, which in turn can lead to terrorism.

"The globalization of agriculture fails to address the world's hunger crisis. In fact it makes it worse. During the past two decades, the total amount of food in the, world has increased, but so has hunger.

The main problem is that globalization of food production pushes small, self reliant farmers off their lands and replaces them with large chemical and machine-intensive corporate farms. It does not emphasize food for hungry local communities. Instead, it encourages exports resulting in monocultures - a single crop grown over thousands of acres. These crops are usually luxury items cultivated for export and are notoriously vulnerable to insect blights and bad weather, and cause soil infertility.

children looking for food photo
Starving children searching for insects to eat, Sudan
From 'Take it Personally' Anita Roddick.

Global biotechnology companies claim they have the answer to world hunger. But biotech production does nothing to solve local hunger problems. Does anyone believe that the invention of biotech plants whose seeds are sterile - forcing farmers to buy new seeds every year - has anything to do with stopping hunger? The biotech industry's goal is not to feed the hungry, only to feed itself."

A recent United Nations study confirms that the world already has enough food. The problem is one of distribution. Global trade rules put food production and distribution in the hands of agribusiness giants, supplanting the traditional system of local production for local consumption.

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The world is producing the wrong kind of food, by a process that leaves millions of people landless, homeless, cashless, and unable to feed themselves.

Is it any wonder that there is huge resentment against the west?

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