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Overspending on Weapons vs People

World military expenditures are estimated to be more than $800 BILLION a year and rising. At least $2.2 BILLION is spent each day around the world, on defense.

International arms sales are approximately $34 BILLION a year.

Provide Clean, Safe Energy $50 BILLION  
  Retire Developing Nations' Debt $30 BILLION
Prevent Soil Erosion $24 BILLION  
  Provide Health Care and AIDS Control $21 BILLION
Provide Shelter $21 BILLION  
  Eliminate Starvation and Malnutrition $19 BILLION
Stabilize Population $10.5 BILLION  
  Provide Safe, Clean Water $10 BILLION
Prevent Acid Rain $8 BILLION  
  Prevent Global Warming $8 BILLION
Eliminate Nuclear Weapons $7 BILLION  
  Stop Deforestation $7 BILLION
Stop Ozone Depletion $5 BILLION  
  Refugee Relief $5 BILLION
Eliminate Illiteracy $5 BILLION  
  Build Democracy $2 BILLION
Remove Landmines $2 BILLION  

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Above are annual cost of various global programmes for solving the major human needs and environmental problems facing humanity. Each programme is the amount needed to accomplish the goal for all in need in the world. Their combined cost is about 30% of the world's total annual military expenditures.

Source:World Game Institute 2000 /

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