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How can we create world peace?

Einstein had the key to our problem where he said "Problems can't be solved with the same consciousness that created them in the first place."

If you apply that to current world politics you will realise that you cannot fight terror with more terror. You cannot fight fire with fire. The circle of violence will only get greater and greater.

Most of us are fearful of what might happen should a war take place. Where might it lead? What will the 'terrorists' do? Fear is one of the two strongest human emotions because fear is about survival.

The other most powerful emotion is love. Love is the way to ensure our survival. Love includes compassion, sharing, and tolerance.

The world needs to change from operating from fear to acting with a love consciousness.

Many politicians have understood the problems but have not be able to bring about change.

"The guns and bombs, and the rockets and warships, are all symbols of human failure."

Lyndon Johnson.

Roosevelt talked not only about freedom from fear, but also freedom from want.

But politicians seem quite unable to solve the problems.

I now quote from three people who do have understanding of the energies behind the way the world works.

"The world is as it is, because we are as we are."

Deepak Chopra.

"We cannot solve the world's problems at the level of behaviour. We must solve the problems at the level of belief."

Neal Donald Walsch
(referring to our many different religions and their beliefs that God is on their side.)

"If one desires to change one must be that change before it can take place."

Gitta Ballin.

It is therefore up to us to be that change:- to operate from love and not fear.

As an example - if the money that the US is spending on war was instead spent on developing countries and supporting United Nations projects no one would be wanting to create terror against them. September 11 would never have happened.

Well, what can you and I do?

We can begin a worldwide TEAM.

We can start at home by ensuring positive and loving relationships with those close to us. Then we can move out to those who work with us and our friends.

Like ripples on a pond (as Eileen Caddy says) our new peaceful influence will cause ripples to touch our family friends and neighbours. As more of us do this, the positive, and peaceful energy will grow - touching those who represent us in government.

You may be confident about raising your consciousness through meditation or prayer, but if this is not your way, there are other ways too. I saw one great idea on a movie called "Pay it Forward". The boy in the film wanted to change the world for the better; he devised to plan that he would help three people - then these three would help three more, and so on. Paying forward was perhaps a loving act, or forgiving someone. It was conscious positive action.

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Together we can make a difference. If you would like to be part of this peace team please sign on the website. By doing this you will have begun your action.
As John Lennon said " All you need is love ".

In peace

Lisa Er

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